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Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands of Israel and Jordan, November 12-24, 2023


You are invited to join us for a unique unique, unforgettable experience in the Holy Lands of Israel and Jordan led by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB. The biblical story is one long pilgrimage, and a model of pilgrimage for believers. What transpired in Jerusalem and Judea has no parallel elsewhere in Christian memory or experience. Since the fourth century Christians gradually came to see Palestine as a Holy Land and Jerusalem as the Christian City. No other city, not even Rome, has the same place in Christian affection and imagination. A visit to the Holy Land makes one become ever more a living part of the History and Geography of Salvation which began in these very lands. Pilgrims who visit these lands in faith suddenly realize that their own lives have become part of this great story of salvation. Tourists pass quickly through places, but the places pass slowly through pilgrims, leaving them forever changed.


From November 12-24, 2023, Fr. Rosica will lead us on an extraordinary visit to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. From Toronto we will fly to Jordan and visit Amman, Mount Nebo, Madaba and a full day in Petra. We will cross over into the land of Israel, beginning with several days in the Galilee. We will have moments of reflection and masses in Magdala, Nazareth, Cana, on Mount Tabor and the Mount of the Beatitudes, Capernaum and the places that were once touched by Jesus. After Galilee, we will make our way “up to Jerusalem”, the Holy City, by way of the Jordan River road, the Baptismal site, and the ancient city of Jericho. Once we arrive in Jerusalem, we will visit all the holy places and celebrate mass at the well-known holy sites. Our pilgrimage will also take us to Ein Kerem, Bethlehem, the Shepherd’s field, and the village of Emmaus.


As we will limit our group to only one bus (45 pilgrims) we ask that you sign up as soon as possible if you are interested. Please note that this pilgrimage involves a lot of walking, at times on cobblestone, at times uphill, and requires our guests to board and disembark the vehicles several times a day. This tour may be unsuitable for those with reduced mobility.


A detailed itinerary, cost (including airflights and three meals per day) and instructions how to reserve your place through Connaissance Travel and Tours can be found in the attached document, through the parish website or at the parish office.


Should you have specific questions about the pilgrimage, feel free to contact Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB at  I hope that you can join Fr. Rosica and I for this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Promotional Itinerary - St. Ignatius Loyola Pilgrimage to Jordan and Holy Land, Nov. 12 - Nov. 24, 2023.pdf

Registration Form St. Ignatius Loyola Pilgrimage to Holy Land and Jordan, Nov 12 - 24, 2023.pdf